365 Daily Bible Reading

We invite each Brooksider to join us in reading through portions of the Bible every day.  Click the button below to download a copy of the reading plan. Or download the app! You'll get the reading plan right on your phone and can also listen to today's scripture. 

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What to expect

Most days, you'll be reading 1-2 total chapters from the Bible. Follow the plan and by the end of this year,  you'll have read through the entire New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs!

Don't know how to find your way around the Bible?
Every Bible has a Table of Contents in the front. That will help you navigate around this (long!) and wonderful book.


For video summaries of each book of the Bible, and other helpful resources, check out The Bible Project.  Other great resources are the books "Asking the Right Questions" by Matthew Harmon and "Journey Into God's Word" by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays.

Daily journaling can help you read the Bible with intentionality. Try using the SOAP method (from Wayne Cordeiro’s The Divine Mentor) to focus on what God’s teaching you:


Scripture: As you read, ask God to bring one passage or verse to your attention that you can journal on.

Observation: Take note of the context and write down what point the Biblical author is making in your own words.

Application: Write out how you can apply what you’ve learned from this passage. Sometimes application isn’t something you do, but something you remember or reflect on.

Prayer: Write out a short prayer to God to close your time in Scripture.

Helpful Resource


This book will be a helpful tool to inspire you, encourage you and give you practical ways to journal. Click here to buy on Amazon.

cover of book, Waye Cordeiro The Divine Mentor