Funeral & Memorial Services - Omaha

We’re sorry for your loss

We're sorry to hear of the approaching or recent death of someone close to you. We know that even as you begin anticipating or processing the loss of a loved one, funeral and memorial services require your time and attention as you work to create a service that celebrates your loved one's life and mourns his or her passing.


Funerals at Brookside

Funeral services can be held at Brookside under certain conditions, and Brookside pastors are available to officiate funeral and memorial services. If you'd like more information about having a funeral or memorial service at Brookside or to request a Brookside pastor officiate at a service, please email   .


Other Resources


We offer resources to help you think through aspects surrounding funeral services and the loss of loved ones. Our prayer is that these materials will help you feel comfortable and equipped in preparing the funeral service, thus allowing you to focus more intentionally on processing feelings of grief, spending time with and receiving care from loved ones around you, and reflecting on the hope made available through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Please email   .