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Current Message Series
February 14, 2018

Join us for a study in the book of Colossians where we'll discover the real Jesus.

Saturday Serve
March 10, 2018

Join us on April 14 at the Open Door Mission where we stack hands together to break the cycle of...

April 6, 2018

Have questions about God? Join us on April 29 for a discussion where no questions are off limits.

Vision Dessert
April 9, 2018

Join us on Sunday, May 6 for an update on the ministry work in the Dominican Republic

Vision Tour
April 20, 2018

Join us on Monday, April 20 to tour the facility, learn more about the ministry and their vision...

Parent Child Dedications
March 10, 2018

Join us on June 3 as we celebrate births and stand along side parents who commit to raising...