Brookside Staff

All Staff

John Alford
Director, Communication Arts, Local & Global Ministries
Jack Archer
Connections Pastor
Michelle Asay
Coordinator, Early Childhood
Danielle Bettmann
Coordinator, The Mama Bunch & Guest Services
Lorinda Cantoya
Admin, Lead Pastor; Communication Arts, Local & Global Ministries
Mario Chavez
Supervisor; Facilities
Jenny Conklin
Admin, Community Groups
Jeff Dart
Lead Pastor
Marlin Lopez deChavez
Mark Erickson
Director, College Ministry
Vera Gustafson
Bookkeeper; Admin, Operations
Rob Hockney
Director, Services and Worship
Mandi Hofer
Director, Kids Ministry
John Houston
Director, Security and IT
Ashley Jones
Admin, Worship and Production
Peggy King
Admin, Brookside Institute, Men's Groups & LIFEcare
Luke Manna
Susan Marquiss
Hunter McNeel
Assistant Worship Leader; Assistant Director, Middle School Ministry
Steve Moltumyr
Consulting Pastor
Keri Novacek
Coordinator, Elementary Kids Ministry
Sherilyn Park
Director, Women's Groups
Blaize Smith
Director, Middle School Ministry
Lisa Peters
Bookkeeper; Admin, Operations
Debra Potter
Admin, Facilities; Receptionist
Christine Reed
Admin, Student Ministries
Brian Redpath
Executive Pastor, Operations
Jake Reynolds
Technical Director
Tim Wiebe
Director, Training and Development
Brad Zook
Director, Guest Services & LIFEcare