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As we continue to meet online only, we pray that your kids faith will grow. Parents, you are the spiritual leader in your home... but you're not alone! We hope these tools and videos below will help you engage in conversations, activities, and healthy habits as we work through this pandemic.

Here's the cool thing... these habits you're building now can and will make a difference in your family's life. During these next few weeks, lean in and take advantage of the extra time you have with your kids. Show them how to read the bible, pray, worship, and trust in God. Model what it's like to follow Jesus, even when the circumstances seem grim. We have hope and peace because of Jesus, so let's take this opportunity to grow together as a family.

If you're looking for last week's elementary lesson, head to studio252.tv or the Parent Cue app for videos, activities, songs, and more!

week of April 5, 2020

Do This:
As you start today’s lesson consider making a palm branch with your preschooler. A template is attached for you to download, print and color or use it to help sketch a branch.
Watch This:
Sing This:
Say This:
“Today’s story comes straight from the Bible. It’s about a special day we call Palm Sunday. Are you ready to visit your friends at the Clubhouse to hear our true story from the Bible? Let’s go!”
Watch This:
Ask This:
“The people were celebrating Jesus because they knew He was special. And, we still celebrate Jesus on Palm Sunday because Jesus is alive and He wants to be our friend forever! So, when I ask you, ‘Who is alive?’ I want you to say, ‘Jesus is alive,’ and wave your hands or palm branch in the air. Ready? Who is alive?” All: “Jesus is alive!”
Read This:
Revelation 1:18. “The verse says: “I am alive for ever and ever!” (Close Bible and lay it down.) “Those are Jesus’ words. Jesus is saying: “I am alive (point both hands up) for ever and ever!” (Twirl around.) Revelation 1:18. (Open your hands like a book.) Let’s stand up and say that together with the motions. Awesome job!
Do This:
“The people in our story showed Jesus He was special by waving branches in the air and putting coats on the road. What are some ways we can show Jesus He is special? Let’s make a list of ways we can show Jesus He is special. Maybe it’s telling Jesus we love Him, singing Him a song, or drawing Him a picture. There are lots of ways we can show Jesus we think He is super special!" Write down what they say.
Pray This:
“Dear God, help us remember that Jesus is alive and we can celebrate Him every day. We want to show Jesus how special He is by doing things like (read the list your child made). We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Play "Bottle Flip". Grab a plastic water bottle and see if you can "flip" the water bottle so that it lands right side up. If you don't have a water bottle, use a plastic cup. See if you can make it land! Hold onto that water bottle, we'll be doing a challenge in a few minutes (in today's video).
“Usually, we want things to go our way. But humility means turning that upside down and wanting what’s best for someone else. That’s not always easy, but we have the very best example of humility in Jesus. Jesus chose to be humble, and what He did for us changed the world forever! Let's watch today's lesson."
What was Jesus doing in the garden? (praying) ..... What were his disciples doing? (sleeping, they were supposed to keep a look out but couldn't stay awake) ..... What was Jesus asking God for? (If there could be another way to complete His mission) ..... Who betrayed Jesus that night? (Judas) ..... Did Jesus know what was going to happen? (yes - He knew that He had to die to save us from our sin!).
Open your bible and turn to Philippians 2:3. SAY: The memory verse for this month is Philippians 2:3. It says, “Don’t do anything only to get ahead. Don’t do it because you are proud. Instead, be humble. Value others more than yourselves." Jesus put others first. He took the hard road. He chose to take on something that was difficult and painful so that we could have eternal life. We can follow His example as we choose to put others first, too. That’s what we need to remember today."
How can your kids show a humble attitude...what are they doing to put others first?? Perhaps one kiddo opened a door for a parent, or helped do the dishes without being asked. Maybe they assisted a sibling with a project or they wrote a card to a friend or family member. Take pictures of what humble acts your children are doing and share them on the Brookside Kids Facebook page!
“Dear God, thank You for always loving us and always forgiving us. You loved us enough to send Jesus to die on the cross and pay the price for our sins! Thank You for making a way so that we could experience Your forgiveness for ourselves. Help us to follow Your example and forgive others . . . even when it’s hard. We love You, and we pray these things in Jesus’ name, amen.” ..... “I know that’s not always easy. But we have the best example of humility in Jesus!"
Read the following statements and decide if it's true or false, the answers are below: 1) The disciples completely understood what Jesus told them when they ate dinner together. ..... 2) The disciples took Jesus to the Garden of Gethsemane so they could pray for Him. ..... 3) When they got to the garden to pray, Jesus took one disciple with Him a little further to a secluded area for some privacy. ..... 4) Jesus was sad, His soul was tired, and He was not looking forward to what was coming. 5) His friends kept watch the whole time Jesus went alone to pray. ..... 6) Jesus asked God, His Father, to take the suffering away from Him but also trusted God’s plan and wanted to do what God wanted. ..... 7) After Jesus woke up His friends & asked them again to keep watch over Him while He prayed, they managed to stay awake & be good friends to Him during His time of need. ..... 8) Judas led the angry mob to Jesus. ..... 9) Peter helped Jesus and saved Him when he used his sword to cut off the priest’s ear. ..... 10) Jesus’ friends stayed with Him and supported Him while he was arrested and taken away. ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ANSWERS: 1) False, His words didn’t make sense to them. ..... 2) False, Jesus took them to the Garden of Gethsemane so that He could pray. ..... 3) False, he took Peter, James, and John. ..... 4) True. ..... 5) False, they fell asleep. ..... 6) True. ..... 7) False, they fell asleep again! ..... 8) True. ..... 9) False, Jesus told him to stop and healed the man’s ear immediately. ..... 10) False, they ran away, afraid, and left Him. .....
"How do you think Jesus' friends felt about that night when they looked back and remembered everything that happened? (I encourage you to share this with your family.) Examples could include: Sad, guilty, like they let Him down, scared, unsure.
Grab your Bibles and look up Philippians 2:3. "Don't do anything only to get ahead. Don't do it because you are proud. Instead, be humble. Value others more than yourselves." (NIrV) Humility is putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve. Our memory verse makes it pretty clear that in order to put others first and give up what we think we deserve; we have to value others more than ourselves. One way to help ourselves remember to put others first is to remind ourselves why that person is valuable to us.
Discuss this with your family or write down your answers. How have you put someone first recently? Why are certain people easier to put first than others? Who is easier? Who is harder? Our world is often "all about me", so how can you live the upside-down, others-first, life instead? How can you put others first this week? Who is someone specific you can put first and how are you going to do it?
Have some quiet time to pray. Talk silently to God and tell him how you are going to put others first this week. Ask him to give you the strength to do this even when it's hard. Thank him that we are able to show others love by giving up what we think we deserve and also for being faithful in His promises.
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Special Friends Kids
A sensory-friendly experience for kids and teens with special needs. Special Friends volunteer staff and "buddies" engage kids through modified Bible stories, sensory play, music, and prayer. Join us as we learn about God through hands-on teaching with our Special Friends! Meets Sundays during the 10:45am service in the Special Friends Room (upstairs)
The Hangout Room
The Hangout is a fun, safe environment where volunteers' kids can go while they serve on Sunday mornings. Giving kids a good experience while their parents volunteer, paints a beautiful picture of serving others and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Additionally, it gives parents ease of mind that their kids are in good hands and having a stellar time!

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Discussion Questions About Baptism


Parents, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this decision coming from me or my child?
  • Does my child understand the Gospel?
  • Is there evidence of the Holy Spirit working in my child's life?

Ask your child these questions:

  • Who is Jesus and what did He do for you?
  • Why do you want to be baptized?

Baptism Class - or Splash Class - is offered periodically throughout the year, usually in the spring and fall.

Questions about Kids' Baptisms