You may have heard phrases like "Biblical authority," “engaging God’s Word” and personal Bible study.

But what do these mean? And why do they matter? And you may have important questions about engaging the Bible personally. Questions like: Why should I study the Bible in the first place? Where do I begin? How can I get the most out of God’s Word? What does faithful and responsible Bible study look like? If you have ever asked these questions—or others—about God’s Word, then Bible Basics is for you!

on friday and saturday, june 24-25, we'll offer a 
bible basics: summer school intensive

Here is an outline of what we'll cover!

  • Getting into God's Word: Why We Should
  • The Storyline of God's Word
  • Getting into God's Word: Equipped with the Right Methods
  • Getting into God's Word: Cultivating the Right Mindset
  • Getting into God's Word in Such a Way that God's Word Gets into Us
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