Do you like to shop? Can you invest $100 every now and then in the Care Center? Sign up to be "on call" for an email alert. 

What will be shopping for? 
Occasionally, the Care Center runs low on certain things in certain sizes. It might be diapers or underwear or boys size 8-10 shorts. We want to serve everybody that comes into the store - whether they are foster kids or an under-resourced family. And we want to be sure that all the kids walk away with what they need.

How does it work? 
Sign up by clicking the button below and you'll get on an email list. When we run low on certain inventory items, we'll send out a shopper alert. If you opt in, you'll spend your $100 to help re-stock in that particular item.

Can I opt out?
Yes! You don't have to shop every time there is an alert. Only when you are able.