Each week in our Sunday morning church services, you hear us welcome the people from “the Mods” at Douglas County Correctional Center. We consider them a part of our church family and love helping them Find and Follow Jesus.

Would you like to be a part of going into the jail and hosting our services?


Each week, the inmates watch Brookside services from a DVD. They worship with us and listen to the message from God's word. The Covid restrictions have been lifted and we are now going back into the Mods to connect with the inmates while they worship with Brookside Church.

If you want to know more, contact us for info on what our process looks like, applications and time frame. We've been in touch with the chaplains from both the male mods and the female mods. We're starting to see the fruit of the connections made inside the jail and see them begin to build their relationship with Christ. We currently have DVD services inside Mods H, 4, 8, 19 and the women’s Mod 13. Find out what next steps you can take if you decide you're interested in volunteering with this team.

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