We know weddings are an exciting and hectic time. We want to do what we can to help equip you as you move toward your wedding day. Again, congratulations on your recent engagement! This is an exciting time in your life. We rejoice that you have decided to enter into the covenant of marriage and are eager to see what God will do through your lives together.

Some quick FAQs

Here are some quick answers to a few questions you may have about booking your wedding at Brookside:

• You need to be a regular Brookside attender to be married in the facility.
• We require all couples married on-site at Brookside or off-site by a Brookside pastor go through our pre-marital coaching program.
• We require an initial meeting with a pastor.
• We require a six-month notice to book a wedding at Brookside or to request that a Brookside pastor perform a wedding off-site.
• The charge for a Brookside wedding is $700.
• Brookside is unable to book receptions. 

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Wedding packet

These guidelines, along with other useful information, are spelled out in much greater detail in the wedding packet. We have provided some tools and information you'll find helpful as you prepare for the wedding day. This information includes details on cost, procedures regarding facility use and ceremony set-up, and much more.

Wedding Packet

Pre-marital cOUNSELING

We also want to prepare you for a lifetime of God-honoring marriage by highlighting and reinforcing God's view of marriage. At Brookside, we believe marriage is a good gift given to us by God. He has certain designs for marriage that we want to keep in mind and follow. Our wedding packet will introduce you to our pre-marital coaching ministry, the primary way we help couples continue their engagement and launch their marriage in a God-honoring way.

More About Pre-Marital Coaching