Mission & Priorities

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help people find and follow Jesus so they can live the full lives God designed for them. Hopefully, you will see this mission lived out in everything we do – in the Host Teams that greets guests, in our children’s workers who teach our young ones, in our care for our city of Omaha, in our classes on practical theology, in our Community Groups and in our singing and preaching.


Our Focus

As you get to know Brookside, you’ll discover that we are trying to be strategic in all that we do and that helps us increase our effectiveness in kingdom work.  We think this honors God, and allows us to be good stewards of the resources that He has entrusted us.

By design, we are not a church that attempts to do everything. Instead, we are trying to sense God’s unique call for this local church and then respond with all of our energy toward those things.

Three of our ministries rise to the top as those we feel are most important to people in their spiritual development: 1) Sunday Morning Worship. 2) Community Groups. 3) Serving. So as you are getting involved, we recommend that you start here.