The future is only as strong as the foundation. Because we believe in the future of the church, we care about her foundation. 

Our goal is to offer a transformational classroom environment that builds and reinforces strong biblical/theological foundations for a vibrant Christian life, the health of the local church, and the church’s mission in the world.

As an expression of this priority, the Brookside Institute is launching formal theological training that offers either (1) an unaccredited certificate in Christian Theology or (2) a 12-hour accredited graduate-level certificate through Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. 

Learn more about this formal theological training below. Registration for Fall 2024 classes will open in July.





Who can participate? 

This theological training is accessible for adults in the Omaha area who want to dig more deeply into Christian systematic theology in an interactive classroom environment. 

Our desire is to cultivate an environment where participants grow in their knowledge, appreciation, and application of biblical teaching about the Triune God, His ways, and His work. Our desire is a learning environment that cares about content (both what and how we teach, with the final authority being the Bible), character (who we are and who we’re becoming), and community (interacting with others well). 

You’re encouraged to join us if you want to grow in your understanding of Christian theology in a way that includes direction (i.e., course structure including learning outcomes, light learning exercises outside of class, etc.), and in an environment that is broadly evangelical and encourages gracious conversation about Christian theology. 


 When in session, classes meet on Monday evenings from 6:30-9pm. Broadly speaking, the training program runs 28 weeks on a semester-based schedule (2 semesters of 14 sessions each), with a couple of breaks planned each semester.

The next semester of classes begins in the second half of August 2024. Registration for Fall 2024 classes will open in July.

where do you meet?

Classes are hosted in room 221 at Brookside Church’s Millard Campus — 11607 M Cir, Omaha NE, 68137.

who teaches the classes?

Classes are taught by Dr. Tim Wiebe
(M.Div. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, D.Min. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary).

what is the format of classes?

Classes will be held in person. Dr. Tim Wiebe will normally teach in a “dynamic lecture” style, with some periodic in-class activities (both individual and group) sprinkled through the semester. The in-person nature of the class encourages a relational and interactive learning environment where questions are welcome and discussion around tables is a feature. 1-2 breaks will be factored in to each class session. 

what does a commitment to this class look like?

We ask that participants in this class commit to one of two levels of involvement. 

The first level of involvement asks that students commit to attending (and participating in) at least 80% of the class sessions over the course of the program year, reading 5 books, and writing 4 short reflection papers. Students participating at this level should plan on approximately 1-1.5 hours of homework outside of class each week. Successful completion of this level of involvement will result in a Certificate of Christian Theology (unaccredited) through the Brookside Institute. 

A second level of involvement offers the classes for graduate-level credit through Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS). While class lectures will be identical, those taking the class for credit will have more expectations in terms of reading, papers, and other learning exercises. Students taking the class for credit should plan on approximately 6-7 hours of homework outside of class time each week. This year-long (Sept-May) Theology Training contributes 6 hours of credit to the graduate-level certificate.Additionally, those pursuing the accredited certificate will need to take other classes required for their particular certificate online through Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS). Please also note the following, as you consider the accredited certificate:

  • Please make sure that the accredited certificate you’re pursuing needs the Systematic Theology (ST) credits that this Theology Training offers. A few of the certificates we recommend (each of these certificates require ST credits this Theology Training offers) include the Certificate of Theological Studies or the Certificate in Christian Tradition.
  • For students wanting to complete the certificate in one program year, this will require taking an additional online class concurrently with the Theology Training taught in Omaha by Dr. Wiebe. (If you go this route, don’t forget to factor in additional homework time for the extra class.) For students who are fine with spacing things out, these additional classes can be taken after the Theology Training class. Please talk with TEDS directly if you have questions about timelines.

Successful completion of this “second level of involvement” will culminate in a graduate level, accredited certificate through TEDS that meaningfully furthers your development and that can be applied toward a full Master’s degree, for those interested in continuing their education with additional classes.

You can find out much more about these accredited certificates through Trinity Evangelical Divinity School here:

Please contact Tim Wiebe if you have any questions about these levels of commitment.

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS)
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School provides theological education and ministry training that equips you to serve God with wisdom and grace, in truth and love. Our world-renowned faculty are deeply invested in teaching and mentoring students, immediately welcoming you into a community of servant-leaders making an impact on the world in the name of Jesus Christ.
Est. reading time
17 minutes


what are the categories of Christian theology that will be covered in this training?

- Theological Method (Prolegomena)
- The Bible (Bibliology)
- God (Theology Proper)
- Humanity (Anthropology)
- Sin (Hamartiology)
- Jesus Christ (Christology)
- Salvation (Soteriology)
- The Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
- The Church (Ecclesiology)
- The Future (Eschatology)

how much do classes cost?

For the unaccredited certificate, cost of the program over the entire year is $250 ($125 due each semester) + books. These costs help cover various expenses involved with ensuring the program run with excellence. Scholarship information available upon request.

For the accredited certificate through Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, more info on costs can be found at (Please note that a significant discount on tuition rates is available to those who provide a written recommendation from their pastor. Be sure and ask Dr. Wiebe about that, or you can ask TEDS directly as you explore offerings via their certificate website that is linked above.)

anything else you want me to know?

Our first year (2023-24) launched well and we’re looking forward to continually improving as we head into 2024-25! We’d love it if you would join and help us get better at doing this in a way that serves the health of the church in the Omaha area.

Oh yeah, and help spread the word among churches, ministries, and other Christians who may be interested!