make a difference by hosting services inside jail.

Each week in our Sunday morning church services, you hear us welcome the people from “the Mods” at Douglas County Correctional Center. We consider them a part of our church family and love helping them Find and Follow Jesus.

Brookside volunteers host worship services at Douglas County Corrections each Sunday afternoon from 2:00 - 4:00pm. Worship and the message are sent in via DVDs along with Discussion questions that go along with the message. Volunteers worship and listen to God’s word alongside inmates. We pray for the inmates and try to leave some positive, encouraging words to the group. We currently have DVD services inside five mods, including the "God Mod", the "Vet Mod" and the women's program mod. We love seeing the fruit of watching inmates dig into their Bibles and hear from God's word. 

You'll be paired with a seasoned Difference Maker and escorted to the cells where you will sit with the inmates and watch Brookside church services, including worship songs and the message. All volunteers must pass a background check and attend two mandatory training sessions. Covid vaccinations are not required.

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sunday, January 7

2:00pm - 4:00pm

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