Saturday Serve ODM

Saturday Serve at ODM

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Valentine's Dinner for Homeless -Registration is full - Thank you!

Help provide a special dinner for the homeless on Feb 10th. Valentine's Day can often be hard when you are in a shelter and are not connected meaningfully to people who love you.

You and your family can change that by serving them with dignity. We will meet at 4:15pm at the Open Door Mission and decorate the dining hall. Then we will wait tables for the residents and bring them their food. And then before leaving, we will break it all down.

There's no age requirement for kids, so bring the whole family. We'll need about 100 volunteers.

Saturday Serve is designed to be a family-friendly serving experience. Most Saturday Serves have a few different projects. Some where ages 5 and up can attend, others where only older kids can participate. For example, children need to be at least 10 years old to work in the warehouse where food boxes are created. Ages 5-10 usually make sandwiches for the homeless or play with kids of residents in daycare.

Also note that the Open Door Mission cannot guarantee that there will always be enough projects for children ages 5-10, but will make an attempt to have some kind of work available - unless a particular date does not allow younger children.

Check age limitations on the registration form for the date you are registering. Saturday Serve will also help you become better informed about the Open Door Mission so that you can volunteer there on your own. Visit their website to read more.

Note that some projects will be in an unheated warehouse, so be sure to wear layers of warm clothing.

How it works

There will be a Brookside coordinator at each Saturday Serve who is a facilitator and can answer some of your questions, but in general, the ODM staff will lead the work teams and give direction to the project. If you finish a particular project before the shift is done, simply find one of the ODM leaders and ask for another project. Some months will focus on a special project. Other months, volunteers will do miscellaneous work, such as cleaning, sorting clothes, and preparing food. All volunteers should wear work clothes and come ready to tackle any project.

If you have further questions, email us at the church office. 

Brooksiders will start at the Open Door Mission's Permanent Support Housing building at 2205 East Locust.  There are several buildings at the Open Door Mission.  Please save this address because the address of the administrative building will pull up if you simply MapQuest "Open Door Mission."  See photo on the right.