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Brookside Events

We want to be a church that serves our city in bold ways. Our goal is to donate 30,000 hours of serving to help our community over the three years of the For The City initiative. The primary way people do this is serving on your own according to your individual passions and schedule. We also occasionally offer events for groups of Brooksiders to serve together. The following are upcoming Brookside sponsored events. 

    Help those in need, right here in Omaha. Sign up for Saturday Serve.
    Help out in our new Care Center for foster kids, opening Fall, 2017. Click here to sign up for more info.



Serve On Your Own

Brookside encourages our people to get involved in the community and serve others beyond the walls of our building.

Often times people find that if they keep their eyes and hearts open, they find ways to serve others right where God has already placed them. Many times, you are most effective when you find ways to serve within the rhythms of your life - in the circles of influence and groups that already exist. If you have a specific passion, you might also want to pursue finding a volunteer role in that area of interest.

For those who are looking for a few ideas to get started, however, we recommend the following organizations. There are countless ways to serve others and scores of good organizations. The list below is simply a sampling of organizations, ones that we know from experience.



Mission: Abide Network is a group of radical world changers that is changing north Omaha, one neighborhood at a time.

Volunteer Opportunities: Connecting with neighbors through block parties and cookie distributions. Caring for them through neighborhood cleanups, helping with yard work, and various construction projects. Calling our neighbors to a radical relationship with Jesus Christ.

Contact: Shawn Deane, 402.455.7807 or



Mission: We provide a secure, non-judgmental, attractive space in which you can share your situation, trusting that everything will be held in complete confidence. Our greatest concern is providing you with the information you need!

Contact: 402.671.0506



Mission: Compass Ministries serves as an independent outreach to the inner city of Omaha by investing in youth both spiritually and academically to develop positive character which can impact their families and community. Ministry programs include weekday tutoring through the Funtastic Learning Club and K.I.D.S. Church on Sunday afternoons.

Volunteer Opportunities: Lead part of the lesson, put on the puppet show, lead small group time and ride along on the vans or drive the route at K.I.D.S. Church. Funtastic Learning Club opportunties include helping students with homework, being a positive role model, encouraging students and praying for them.

Contact: 402.558.8646



Mission: Global Friends is a Christian-based campus and community organization that exists to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of international students and scholars in the Omaha area.

Volunteer Opportunities: Connecting with international students and scholars through meals, English conversation, discussion groups, discovery Bible studies, rides to the store and assist in various other creative outreaches. Ultimately reaching future world leaders God is bringing to our city. Training is available.

Contact: Nathan Williams, 810.656.0580 or 



Mission: Heartland Hope Mission helps prevent hunger and homelessness in the Omaha metropolitan area. Their mission is to provide food, clothing and promote self sufficiency for people in need. They provide a week's supply of groceries, hygiene products, clothing items, and household goods to the working poor. Volunteers pray with patrons and Bibles are available in English and Spanish.

Volunteer Opportunities: Sorting food, clothing and household donations. Assisting patrons with choosing their food. Data entry, working with children and answering the phone.

Contact: 402.733.1904 ext. 10 or



Mission: inCOMMON believes that the single greatest cause of sustained poverty in our cities is isolation. Their strategy is to fight poverty by not only offering their services to the poor, but also relationships that promote encouragement, stability and empowerment. They do that by transforming communities through community. Located in downtown Omaha, inCOMMON serves the surrounding area and Park Avenue neighborhoods.

Volunteer Opportunities: Hospitality volunteers regularly attend meals in order to create a hospitable family environment, as well as engage neighbors and guests in conversation and relationship; Companions (friend, mentor, discipler) to someone experiencing need; helping with community-building, individual development or professional development; and becoming a community listener.

Contact: 402.933.6672



Mission: Edward and Willa Kelly Community Collaborative, Inc is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing and support services to individuals and their families who are most at risk for homelessness, including those with mental illness, exiting the criminal justice system, and veterans.

Kelly House: Kelly House is a 14-bed supportive housing program for men, ages nineteen and older, who are learning to cope with mental illness. The program provides these men a place to live, assures they are eating balanced, nutritious meals, and helps them as needed with medications, getting to and from doctor and mental health appointments, and other activities essential to their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

For Volunteer Opportunities Contact: Michael Hanson 402.212.0780 or  



Mission: Refugees are people who flee their homes because their lives are in danger due to some aspect of their identity, like ethnicity, race or religion. The refugee resettlement program at Lutheran Family Services welcomes newly arrived, 100% legal refugees to America by providing them with necessities for starting a new life: housing, social security card, English classes, employment assistance, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers practice English with refugees; check the refugees' mail so they know what is important and what is junk; teach refugees where to shop for groceries, clothes and other necessities; teach refugees about American culture; do a variety of tasks that help to keep the family safe and move them toward self-sufficiency; and be a friend.

Contact: Renae Overbeek 402.536.3512 or  



Mission: Omaha Street School is a Christ-centered, accredited high school that provides education and hope to at-risk youth in North Omaha. Enrollment ranges from 20-30 students with an average class size of 8-10 students. Many of the students come from poverty and have failed to succeed in a traditional school environment. The OSS staff is comprised of certified teachers who educate and meet the holistic needs of each individual student, which sometimes means delivering meals to families, making hospital visits and representing students in court appearances. The staff stands in the gap for these kids and their familes and offers them education and hope in the form of Christ's love.

Volunteer Opportunities: Teaching support, tutoring, administrative support, receptionist support, lunch providers, facilities maintenance, and various projects around the school to create a positive learning environment.

Contact: Linda Reimer 402.451.5234 ext. 162 or



Mission: The North Omaha Good News Bears Club seeks to reach high-risk inner city youth in their early years and continue working with them through high school.

Volunteer Opportunities: We achieve our purpose through afterschool tutoring, mentoring, field trips, summer youth camps, awards program (Bear Cave), meals, mother's conferences, etc.

Contact: Pastor James Patterson 402.457.7820 or  



Mission: The Salvation Army preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meets human needs in His name without discrimination.

Volunteer Opportunities: Sorting food for the food pantry at the MASS department, instructing/leading various projects and activities at the Dora Bingel Senior Center, and helping emergency services in the Salvation Army's mobile kitchen.

Contact: Kay Weinstein 



Mission: Together Inc. aims to be the First Stop for people in need by meeting the needs in the community through a food pantry, clothing closet and financial programs.

Volunteer Opportunities: Filling pantry boxes, sorting donations, food drives, clothing drives and seasonal drives, such as school supplies.

Contact: 402.345.8047



Mission: Turning Point acts as a mission that empowers other ministries and urban Christian churches by providing the use of its campus and resources.

Volunteer Opportunities: Most of the volunteer opportunities associated with this ministry are directly related to the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and grounds and are task-orientated by nature. There is also a need for working directly with children through Turning Point's many ministries.

Contact: Bob Gjere (Maintenance)   ; Contact the ministries on campus directly if you want to volunteer for one of the ministries.



Mission: Open Door Mission is a Gospel Rescue Mission founded in 1954 committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Volunteer Opportunities: There are several volunteer opportunities including Saturday Serve. It is designed to be a family-friendly serving experience. Projects are geared toward ages 5 and up, but not all projects are suitable for younger ages. Click here to learn more about Saturday Serve.  For other volunteer opportunities, click the "More Info" button below.




Mission: The staff, students, and parents of Castelar Elementary School, are committed to providing all students with the academic and social skills required to reason, communicate, and live cooperatively with respect and dignity in a diverse community. We are all committed to preparation for life in an increasingly technological society and to setting goals for future successes. 

Volunteer Opportunities: There are several volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Contact:  .



Mission: Royal Family Kids Camp and Teen Reach Adventure Camps serve kids from Omaha’s foster care system through fun-loving relationships in a Christian camping environment.

Volunteer Opportunities: There are a variety of roles you can be involved with including counselor, support staff and year-round mentoring.




Mission:To support families in our community that are in crisis. Parents who find themselves homeless, unemployed, hospitalized, in need of rehabilitation, etc. will be able to voluntarily place their children with a trained Host Family while they receive the help they need.

Volunteer Opportunities: Several, including Host Family and hospitiality

Contact: Mark Thengvall at 402-415-5722 or .