Hope Center - Zambia

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Africa is being ravaged by AIDS. In Zambia, the UN estimates that roughly 20 percent of adults (ages 15-49) are already HIV-positive. As the adults die from the disease, they leave children abandoned as orphans in a country too poor to provide adequate assistance. AIDS is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our day and Africa has been the epicenter of the tragedy. There are over 12 million orphans in sub-Sahara Africa because of AIDS, but it is into this suffering that Christians can demonstrate the depth of the love of Jesus. It is this compassion that is motivating Brookside to partner alongside the Hope Center in Serenje, Zambia. The ministry in Zambia takes on several different forms.

Care Center for Orphans

The Hope Center is a combination "day care" and "foster care" model. Orphans need the security and nurture of a loving family. Many of the Christian families in the churches are eager to take in orphans, but they simply lack the resources to feed them. The center identifies these families by way of the pastors. The children attend a government school but afterwards receive a meal and some Bible instruction from the Hope Center before returning to their "foster home" in the evenings. Brookside has helped provide funding for the construction and ongoing ministry of the center.

Pastor Training

One of the key Christian leaders in the Serenje area is Pastor Navice Kalunga. His efforts have helped establish scores of churches in and around the region. Pastor Navice maintains an ongoing network with these churches, offering help and training for the pastors of these churches. And everywhere Pastor Navice goes, there are orphans to care for. Navice and his fellow pastors find themselves reaching many for Christ. Yet simultaneously finding themselves stewarding a burgeoning number of orphans - and the almost impossible odds of feeding and sheltering these children on their own. Brookside has established a strong relationship with the Hope Center by sending teams of Brooksiders to help train the local pastors and to distribute food to additional orphans in the outlying rural regions – “the bush” -- beyond Serenje.

2014 Go Team Trip - Pastor Training

Trips to Zambia

Brookside's Global Impact Ministry offers one Go Teams trip per year to Zambia. Read more about past trips on the Brookside in Zambia blog.  Read more about upcoming Go Teams trips.