Hope Center Back to School Program

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In most developing nations, families have to pay to send their children to public school. Unfortunately, this leaves orphans particularly vulnerable. Even when placed in foster family care, there is usually not enough money to send the child to school. This fund is set up to ensure that even though a child may be orphaned, they will have the opportunity to get an education. The fund covers student enrollment fees, uniforms, and books for the orphans of the Hope Center. 

Elementary Fund (grades 1-7)

  • It costs $150 to get a child back in school for one year. This covers school fees, uniform and school shoes.  How much a specific child needs depends on how old they are.  If they have only 2 more years of school till 7th grade, then their need is $300.  If they have 7 years of school, their need is $1050. 
  • We want to ensure that a student won't have to start and stop their education due to lack of funds.  So before accepting a student into the program, their full 7 years of funding must be raised.

NEW! High School Fund (grade 8-12)

  • Operating similarly to the Elementary fund, the High School Fund allows orphans to finish a high school education.  Hope Center orphans can become candidates for this program if they show aptitude for school and are willing to apply themselves.  Qualified students will be selected by the Hope Center staff.  Higher level grades are a bit more expensive than younger grades.  It costs approximately $275 per year per student.  This includes enrollment fees, uniforms, and books.  Additional students from the Hope Center extension ministry, in the villages of Teta and Kamena, in the bush, may also be candidates because there is no high school in the bush.
  • We want to ensure that a student won't have to start and stop their education due to lack of funds.  So before accepting a student into the program, their full 5 years of funding must be raised.  (For example, before accepting a student we must have $1375.)

Other Notes about the Program

  • You can give any amount at any time to help the program.  You do not have to give in increments of $150 or $275.

  • All checks should be written to Brookside Church and write "Back To School Fund" on the memo line.

  • The donations will be put into a fund that will have oversight from Brookside Church and our accountants.

  • The Hope Center will withdraw money approximately once a year as they need funds for the students.

  • The elementary program is set up to secure the entire amount needed for a child to go to school through 7th grade before inviting the child into the program. This will guarantee that the child and the Hope Center never have to worry that there is enough money for the child to continue their education. 

  • The high school program is set up to secure the full 5 high school years before accepting candidates for this program.   

  • This Back To School Fund (for both programs) is specifically designed to be easy to administer by our Zambian brothers.  The fund cannot create a one-to-one relationship between a donor and a child. A sponsorship model requires more oversight and administration than they are able to provide at this time.