Hope Center

Strategic Partners - Global

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There are countless effective ministries world-wide, so Brookside has developed three levels of partnerships to narrow our focus. Our Strategic Partners are our most important projects and are uniquely well-suited for our church. These will be the  global initiatives that receive more of our focus and involvement.

These Partnerships typically last 1-2 terms. Each term being 3-5 years. This allows our church to continue to listen to the promptings of God in new directions. We have 3 Strategic Partners for our global work:


  1. Orphan Care and Pastor Training with the Hope Center in Zambia
  2. Church Planting with Promised Land in Dominican Republic
  3. Refugee work in the Mediterranean

Hope Center, Zambia

The Hope Center serves as a ministry headquarters for orphan care and pastor training in rural Zambia. Brookside helped to empower pastor Navice Kalunga to launch the center in 2009. Navice has planted over 200 churches in the bush and has been the focal point of training the young pastors. He and his fellow pastors find themselves reaching many for Christ. Yet simultaneously finding themselves stewarding a growing number of orphans.

The Hope Center was established to partner with Navice to help feed and instruct these vulnerable children. The Hope Center is a combination "day care" and "foster care" model. Many families are able to take in orphans, but they simply lack the resources to feed them. The Center identifies these families through the recommendations of local pastors. The children receive a meal and some Bible instruction from the Hope Center before returning to their "foster home" in the evenings. Read more about the Hope Center and Brookside's ongoing work in Zambia.

Promised Land, Dominican Republic

Promised Land is a church planting project targeting unreached villages and slums in the Dominican Republic.  It's a partnership based on a vision that God has given to Miguel and Kristen Shaul, who are Brookside Global Partners. The Shaul's have been building relationships, sharing the Gospel, providing medical care, and meeting physical needs in the DR for the past 8 years.  We are now helping with two church plants in the villages of Guandules and Candelones. By providing ministry finances, praying, and annually sending teams to help with the outreach, we hope to see a new church grow in this poor village within the next 3 years. 

Refugee Work, Mediterranean

We work alongside local refugee centers that provide ongoing programs to help the refugees in 2 European cities. Our main partner is Mediterranean East. We selected them because they are on the frontline of the refugee crisis and because of the abundance of spiritual fruit they are seeing in their ministry. The center was established 10 years ago and is staffed by American ministry leaders. The work in both the East and West centers is very similar. They develop relationships with the refugees and offer help with food, housing, friendship, and spiritual direction. We will occasionally do some work with secondly partner, Mediterranean West. This center is staffed by two long term Brooksiders who are now in global work.