Pregnancy Center

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The vision of this local pregnancy center is “To be the first step for women facing an unplanned pregnancy, transforming their fear into confidence by addressing their physical, spiritual and emotional needs, and equipping them to make healthy, life-affirming decisions."

We are fortunate to have one of the nation's leading pregnancy center's right here in Omaha.  In 2013, 98% of the women that they saw that were pregnant were abortion vulnerable or abortion minded.  After consultation, a remarkable 91% of them chose to continue their pregnancy.  In fact, they have been so successful, they've begun to train other Women's Centers around the nation.  Brookside is proud to partner with them.

A number of volunteer roles exist. Four of the most common roles are:

1) Advocates

  • Advocates meet with the women who come to the Center.  She gathers information and provides the patient with information on her options.  The advocate supports the patient throughout the entire appointment.  

2) Male Advocates (as of 10/2014, all these volunteer roles have been filled)

  • Male Advocates provide information on options and give an explanation of the process of the appointment.  

3) Receptionist

  • Receptionists greet the client and those accompanying them and check them in.  They are the first face of the ministry.  

4) Nurses/Sonographers

  • Nurses and sonographers provide professional medical information and perform all medical related tasks with the patient.  

The above is just a sampling of volunteer opportunities. Contact Sue Bunjer, the volunteer coordinator for more information.  If you are interested in speaking with a Brooksider who is volunteering at the center, please contact Shirley Miller

Get a better understanding of this ministry by watching the following video - a tour through their main location.