Single Moms Community Group

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A group of single moms meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Sundays to connect with each other and grow in their relationship with God. And take a deep breath. This semester, the group will be studying parenting. 

We meet at the Safety Council building which is right next door to Brookside Church. See photo on the right for directions and entrance.

We know that as single moms, child care is important and necessary. And let's face it, we need a break! That’s why we meet during the second hour of Sunday morning worship (beginning at 10:45am) so your kids can experience their own learning time as part of Brookside’s Kids Ministry.

How Does the Morning work?
Check your kids into Kids Ministry (birth through 5th grade) beginning at 8:45am.  Then join Brookside congregation in worship in the main auditorium at 9:00am. Pick up your kids after service is dismissed and hang out for a few minutes while staff and volunteers re-set the children’s rooms. You can begin checking your kids back into programming beginning at 10:30am. Walk or drive next door to the National Safety Council building for Single Mom’s Group, who will meet in Room 101 on the bottom level of the building.  We’ll begin right at 10:45 and wrap up in time for you to get back over to the main campus to pick your kids up from Children’s Programming.

Specifics about Kid’s Programming.
Kids can either join you for worship at 9:00 or check into kid’s programming beginning at 8:45am.

Birth through 5th grade can check in from 8:45am (9:00am hour) and at 10:30 (10:45am hour).  If you are checking kids in for both hours, please indicate that during computer check in. For more about the secure check-in process, click here. You must pick up your kids after first service (10:10), then check them back into kid’s programming at 10:30 (this allows our kid’s team to re-set after first service.) After you’ve checked them in, you can either walk or drive next door to the Safety Council building for single mom’s class.  We’ll begin class at 10:45.

Middle school or older can join you for worship during the 9:00 hour then proceed to Tribe Sunday morning for middle school or serve as part of our Student Impact ministries for high school students.  Click here for more about Tribe Sunday morning.  Click here for more about Student Impact (Sunday morning for high schoolers).

For the fall 2017 semester, we’ll be studying Mom Core, a video study by Karen Stubbs. We’ll show the video as part of the class, then learn and grow together as questions and discussion after the video. There is no homework. Click here for more about Mom Core. Topics include:

Time Management
Being a Student of Your Child

The Single Mom Community Group will be led by Lorinda Cantoya and Sandi Ellenberger. Lorinda was a single mom of two boys and parented alone for eight years.  Sandi was a single mom of one boy and one girl for twelve years. They admit that most of the time, they didn't know what we were doing and in need of a nap. But they found that spiritual growth and stability was crucial in the single mom journey. Strong coffee helped too. Together, they want to bring the opportunity to other women who are eager to ground themselves in God’s words of strength, inspiration and comfort. And provide a place to connect with other women in the same stage of life.