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Extravagant Worship

Jan 15, 2017Jeff DartSeries: First Things First

God's Calling

Jan 11, 2017Courtney JacksonSeries: Student Take Over

The Word

Jan 08, 2017Jeff DartSeries: First Things First


Jan 01, 2017Brad ZookSeries: Re:Solution

Christmas Day Service

Dec 25, 2016Jeff Dart

Christmas Eve Services

Dec 24, 2016Steve MoltumyrSeries: Christmas

Christmas at Brookside

Dec 18, 2016Jeff DartSeries: Christmas at Brookside

The Mark of a Christian

Dec 14, 2016Chesalon ReinekeSeries: Upside Down

Anticipate Renewal

Dec 11, 2016Tim WiebeSeries: Anticipate

Becoming a Servant-Leader

Dec 07, 2016Brad ZookSeries: Upside Down

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