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Apr 22, 2012Abe ChristensenSeries: Choose Wisely

Jesus is God

How our lives are different because Jesus is God.

Apr 22, 2012Jeff DartSeries: Equation(s)


Apr 18, 2012Brad ZookSeries: Life Issues

Wisdom and Folly-Tribe

Apr 15, 2012Jack ArcherSeries: Choose Wisely

Jesus is King

Paul's prayer is an equation for your life.

Apr 15, 2012Jeff DartSeries: Equation(s)

The Influence of Media-Do Not Love The World-Oasis

Apr 11, 2012James Pruch


Easter Sunday. The realness of Mary's encounter with the risen Christ

Apr 08, 2012Steve Moltumyr

Easter-The Passover

Apr 04, 2012Ryan Potter

The Perfected Kingdom- Tribe

Apr 01, 2012Abe ChristensenSeries: EPIC- The Story of the BIble

I Am Thirsty

Christ's oneness with us

Apr 01, 2012Steve MoltumyrSeries: Jesus: Strong|Secure

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