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Life in Jesus Part 2 Changed Heart

Paul describes no longer living an old life, but a new life in Christ.

Jun 03, 2012Jeff DartSeries: Equation(s)

Life in Jesus Part 1 Idols of the Heart

Points of decisions where certain things are left behind

May 27, 2012Jeff DartSeries: Equation(s)

One Way! Really?

Why Jesus is right in saying that he's the only way to God.

May 20, 2012Steve MoltumyrSeries: Equation(s)

Driving Passion

Paul gets personal about himself and his driving passion.

May 13, 2012Steve MoltumyrSeries: Equation(s)

Be A Disciple-Oasis

May 09, 2012Brad ZookSeries: Final Oasis

Summit Sunday

Summit Sunday

May 06, 2012

Senior Night-Oasis

May 02, 2012Jeff Dart

Jesus the Reconciler

Why did Jesus come to Earth? To reconcile us to God.

Apr 29, 2012Steve MoltumyrSeries: Equation(s)


Apr 22, 2012Abe ChristensenSeries: Choose Wisely

Jesus is God

How our lives are different because Jesus is God.

Apr 22, 2012Jeff DartSeries: Equation(s)

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