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Rising To the Challenge

Using salt and light, Jesus shows us how to have clarity of purpose that’s anchored to the glory of God.

Sep 16, 2012Steve MoltumyrSeries: The King Speaks

Identity Transformation - Oasis

Sep 12, 2012Brad ZookSeries: On the Move

Real Truth....True Joy

Sep 11, 2012Amy KieserSeries: the Study of Galatians and Philippians


The first thing we learn in our Lord’s sermon is that before we can live the way he tells us to, we have to receive new life in Christ.

Sep 09, 2012Steve MoltumyrSeries: The King Speaks

Going Public

Pastor Jeff Dart unpacks what it means to be baptised.

Sep 02, 2012Jeff Dart

The Gospel--A movement of God - Oasis

Aug 29, 2012Brad ZookSeries: On the Move

Your Move

Sunday Connection Event. Emphasis on lifegroups.

Aug 26, 2012Steve Moltumyr

On The Move

How to maximize this season of ministry.

Aug 19, 2012Steve Moltumyr

Impact Sunday

Summer missions teams debrief.

Aug 12, 2012John Alford

Zambia Pastor Training

Aug 12, 2012

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