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History of the Canon

Guest Speaker unpacks the history of the canonization of the Bible in this seminar.

Jan 06, 2013Owen Strachan

Institute Sunday

Why we need theology

Jan 06, 2013Owen Strachan

Resolving To

Dec 30, 2012Tim Wiebe

Appreciating Advent

Dec 16, 2012Tim Wiebe

Peaceful Christmas - Oasis

Dec 12, 2012James PruchSeries: Complicated Christmas


Two gates, two roads, two trees, two houses built on two foundations.

Dec 09, 2012Jeff DartSeries: The King Speaks

Uncomplicated Christmas - Oasis

Dec 05, 2012Brad ZookSeries: Complicated Christmas

Becoming a No Condemnation Community

Jesus gives us 3 nuggets of advice concerning judging others.

Dec 02, 2012Steve MoltumyrSeries: The King Speaks

Faith that Works - Oasis

Nov 28, 2012Ben RahnSeries: Faith that Works

Life Beyond Worry

Jesus encourages us to move from a life of anxiety and worry to one of greater contentment and trust.

Nov 25, 2012Series: The King Speaks

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