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Very often we trade the God-sent gift of “true peace” for plans and parties, then quickly bulldoze ahead to next year.

Dec 29, 2013Brad ZookSeries: Thrill of Hope

Thrill of Hope

Dec 24, 2013Steve MoltumyrSeries: Thrill of Hope

The True Vine

Dec 22, 2013Jeff DartSeries: I AM


Dec 18, 2013Ben RahnSeries: Christmas Behind the Scenes

The Good Shepherd

Jesus answers the question "Who is going to love me"

Dec 15, 2013Steve MoltumyrSeries: I AM


Dec 11, 2013Brad ZookSeries: Christmas Behind the Scenes

Who's Going to Save Me?

Jesus saves us in greater ways than we think.

Dec 08, 2013Tim WiebeSeries: I AM

Unto Others

Dec 04, 2013Brad ZookSeries: Ten

Who's Going to Satisfy Me

Jesus answers the question "What or who is going to satisfy me?"

Dec 01, 2013Steve MoltumyrSeries: I AM

The Light of the World

As the light of the world Jesus provides us guidance and calls us to be light to the world.

Nov 24, 2013Jeff DartSeries: I AM

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