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Faith Works

Jan 21, 2014Amy KieserSeries: A Study of the book of James

Life in Community

Learn why life in community is so important to spiritual growth.

Jan 19, 2014Steve MoltumyrSeries: Anchors


Jan 15, 2014Ben RahnSeries: Branded

Faith Works

Jan 14, 2014Amy KieserSeries: A Study of the book of James

Worship Christ

Jan 12, 2014Jeff DartSeries: Anchors


Jan 08, 2014Brad ZookSeries: Branded

DR Impact Sunday Interview

An interview about Brookside's involvement in the Dominican Republic

Jan 05, 2014John Alford

DR Impact Sunday

God uses us in all of our seasons to impact us and those around us.

Jan 05, 2014Miguel Shaul


Very often we trade the God-sent gift of “true peace” for plans and parties, then quickly bulldoze ahead to next year.

Dec 29, 2013Brad ZookSeries: Thrill of Hope

Thrill of Hope

Dec 24, 2013Steve MoltumyrSeries: Thrill of Hope

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