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Worship Defined

Oct 23, 2016Jeff DartSeries: Dear Church

What Is Church?

Oct 19, 2016Chesalon ReinekeSeries: If You Only Knew

Incomparable Hope

Oct 16, 2016Tim WiebeSeries: Dear Church

Greeting Card Prayers

Oct 12, 2016Brad ZookSeries: If You Only Knew

Strength In Weakness

Oct 09, 2016Jeff DartSeries: Dear Church

Q&A Panel w/ Oasis Adult Leaders

Oct 05, 2016Various Speakers

What Matters Most

Oct 02, 2016Steve MoltumyrSeries: Dear Church

Forgiveness & the Family

Sep 28, 2016Jon HoodSeries: Your Move

Be Disciplined With Purpose

Sep 25, 2016Jeff DartSeries: Dear Church

Time To Get Even

Sep 21, 2016Chesalon ReinekeSeries: Your Move

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