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We all face significant junctures in our lives where we need some extra help — perhaps help to make a wise decision, talk through some issues, pray about what's on our mind, or receive tangible expressions of care. These junctures may be positive or negative, planned or unexpected, but whatever the situation one thing is sure: we need others in the body of Christ to surround us and help us navigate the fork in the road we are facing.

Brookside LIFEcare ministries is a broad network of ministries that exist to help you navigate significant junctures in life in a way that honors Jesus.  Read below for a snapshot of what we offer as part of our LIFEcare ministry - or click on the links under our LIFEcare ministry page for fuller descriptions of many of these ministries. 

Counseling referrals are available for those looking for professional help from a trained Christian counselor.

Financial assistance can be requested by those in our church family facing unplanned economic burdens. Please note, there are guidelines that must be met and a request for assistance does not guarantee assistance.

Funeral Services are provided, including limited facility availability and officiation by a Brookside pastor.

Parent-child dedications are a way to celebrate the birth of your child and commit as parents to raising the child in way that honors Jesus.

Prayer ministry comes alongside you to pray with you and for your upcoming decisions, recent joys or struggles, or whatever's on your mind.

Pre-marital coaching can help you launch your upcoming marriage from a solid and godly foundation.

Wedding information is available, if you're interested in getting married at Brookside or by a Brookside pastor.

For more information about LIFEcare ministries at Brookside, please send an e-mail to .