Every week, High School students from all over Omaha come together to be a part of the Oasis community. Our greatest desire at Oasis is to see students trust Jesus with every aspect of their lives.

Wednesday Nights

Oasis runs from 6:30-8:30 p.m. and meets in the HUB at Brookside. Each week, students experience hangout time, authentic worship, Bible teaching, and connection with friends in a small group. When coming to Oasis, park or drop-off on the east side of the building; enter through the doors under the car awning.

Sunday Mornings

Also known as Student Impact, students serve throughout the church in areas like children's ministry, production, or our host or coffee teams. They simply pick which area they would like to serve in. This is a great way for students to contribute to the ministry of the church and realize that they are a vital part of our church body. Interested students can sign up via the link on the side bar of this page.

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March 29

Meet up at Omaha Sport Complex (The Center) on Friday, March 29. The place is all ours! Join us for a night of games, snacks, and hangin' out. Bring friends! 


Move Conference?

Designed to amplify Christ's call on students lives to become kingdom workers.  This 5-day event specifically for high school students will consist of student sessions, elective classes, youth group time, worship, activities, and free time. 

What: CIY-Move Conference (www.ciy.com/move)
Where: Durango, CO (...travel will be via 15 passenger vans)
When: June 23-29, 2019
Cost: $400
(Students will also need to pay for 4 fast food meals while traveling to and from Durango, CO & can bring money for CIY merchandise while at conference.

Register Here



At Brookside, we believe that baptism is intended for those who have already placed their faith in Jesus. Baptism is a meaningful step of obedience, publicly expressing your faith in Jesus and that Jesus' work on the cross has been applied to you. Watch this short video. 

K-12 Anchors

As we work together to help Brookside kids and youth find and follow Jesus, these seven Anchors keep us fixed on this goal. Our programs, events and curriculum center around these goals. Click the button to find out more. 

K-12 Anchors