Community Group Volunteers

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Community Group volunteers may work directly or indirectly, in the following roles, to help people build relationships with others, in community.

  • Community Group Leader(s) - Married, Women's, Men's - We are looking for couples, women, or men to lead and encourage transformation in others. The people we are seeking do not need to be Bible scholars, but need to be able to facilitate group meetings and build relationships with the people in their group. Groups will primarily be formed at our two GroupLink events but can be formed at other times of the year as well. (weekly or bi-weekly)

  • GroupLink Food Team - Volunteers on the GroupLink food team will plan, coordinate and serve the food during our GroupLink events. These events happen twice a year, in January and August. Prior food experience is helpful but not required. (twice a year)

  • Tuesday AM Hospitality Team - Make and set-up coffee and other beverages. May help plan and lead ice breakers. (weekly for 8-12 weeks in the Fall and Spring)

  • Other - If you have a unique way of supporting Community Groups with your resources or time, please let us know.

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