2018 Kids Min Notifications

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Parents, communication is KEY especially when it involves your kiddos!  Starting February 4th, two ways we are taking steps to improve communication with you are:

1. Security Codes

We are adding an additional way to reach you during services should your child(ren) need you. The security codes you receive at check-in will appear on the Auditorium screens in the lower right corner. The first three letters of your child’s name will appear, then the family security code.  Here is an example of what you can expect...

If child’s name were Ella

Example: ELL:HJJ

We will always text you first but if for some reason you miss the text, we will use the security code on the screens.

2. Texting

Be in the know of what's happening with Brookside Kidsmin!  Sign up to receive a weekly text from Brookside Kids...You can opt out at any time. 

Text  @akgk74 to the number 81010  for Nursery/Pre-K

Text  @ebk28a to the number 81010 for Elementary


Other ways to stay connected...

  • Weekly Emails - If you are not receiving these, let us know and/or check your junk folder!
  • Like us on Facebook - Brookside Kids - by clicking here.
  • Follow us on Twitter @brookside_kids.


Questions?  Email Director of Kids Ministry, Mandi Hofer at